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How Med-Equip INC. Grew Leads 70% with PPC?


Med-Equip INC. is a well-known Canadian multinational company that concentrates on the purchase and sale of refurbished and brand-new medical equipment. They needed a holistic approach to expand their online presence and eventually gain them more loyal clients. They needed to work on PPC, grow SEO traffic sustainably and drive more revenue from the search.

Your business would be in the right position at the right time if you use SEO and PPC correctly. Social Supplement worked with Med-Equip INC. to develop an evidence-based SEO and improve PPC strategy to appear in front of customers with increased Google rankings and exposure.

Key Issues
  • Poor search engine exposure
  • Traffic problem
  • Sales issues
  • Online presence difficulty
Our Approach

Progress in SEO and PPC starts with a thorough knowledge of a client's website, competitors, and market. This is exactly why when Med-Equip INC. partnered with Social Supplement, we had to work right away with conducting a Digital Audit, leaving no stone unturned.

Social Supplement successfully identified the problems. We then devised an SEO technique and PPC ads to help them outperform their competitors online. And now Med-Equip is one of the top pages in this keyword "used medical equipment Canada".

Social Supplement set to work on a fully optimized website for Med-Equip INC. that would bring about a surge of potential buyers and sales. We assisted with PPC and developed an SEO with our client's company priorities to skyrocket growth, balancing short-term wins and long-term benefits.

How Social Tradia Grew 40K Organic Traffic Monthly?


Established in 2016, Social Tradia is a Canadian company specializing in buying/selling social media accounts and is the international ultimate hub when it comes to Instagram account transactions.

Even if you are top talent in your field, making it into the digital world can be challenging. Without the right skills and tactics, generating steady and quick search traffic and reliable leads does not happen overnight.

They were in dire need to execute a comprehensive SEO campaign to gain a sizeable uptick across traffic. And seeing their monumental growth is proof of a winning idea that could not have been achieved without the assistance of Social Supplement.

Key Issues
  • Aiming to boost search engine rankings to attract appropriate, targeted traffic
  • Wanting to level up their online presence
Our Approach

Understanding what has succeeded and what not is always the first step toward success. Thusly, as soon as Social Tradia joined on board, we got to work on a systematic Digital Audit. We began by conducting a thorough audit of Social Tradia's website to develop a highly lucrative SEO campaign for them.

Social Supplement uncovered the problems, as well as all of the elements required to engineer long-term development. Then, to take their organic presence to the next level, we devised an SEO strategy. Today they have over 40k visitors monthly.

How Condoly could get a sizable amount of traffic through web design and SEO?


Condoly is one of Canada's most well-known and trusted real estate assignment sites. It enables buyers to locate their dream property quickly and easily by providing the most up-to-date, accurate, and stylish property assignment listings and details.

The corporation was fighting to remain on board, competing for a small range of high-ranking positions, as competition in the digital marketing world became intense. In light of this move, they had to broaden their SEO strategy to reach their target audience online. Thus, Social Supplement stepped in at this stage.

They teamed up with Social Supplement to create a strong search engine optimization and web development strategy that has helped them establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

What is the secret to Condoly's success? They converted and pivoted their website to a business-first approach to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Issues
  • Needing a strategic SEO campaign to stand out from the competition
  • Generating traffic and leads to gain market share
  • Increasing the quality of web design and development
Our Approach

Great marketing relies heavily on SEO. It is a winning strategy that emphasizes consolidating relationships by providing useful, meaningful, and engaging content. Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple employ this strategy regularly to include detailed technical information on their products, emphasize their consistency, and place themselves as market leaders.

To help the company reach its full potential, we planned to be ahead of the competition and achieve record-breaking success. Social Supplement accomplished this by combining a variety of personalized SEO marketing strategies alongside web development. We continued to track and adjust their campaign after it was launched to maximize search results, in other words, using an accountable approach intended to seize all business opportunities.

The Team

Social Supplement is a talented group of professionals dedicated to working as a team and using each individual's specialized expertise. We strongly believe in creating an environment where each person can bring their entire self to work and be recognized for what makes them exceptional. To this end, we are dedicated to creating a dynamic and welcoming workplace. We understand that real diversity and inclusion is a process, not a goal, and we will continue to make progress everywhere we can.

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